Vertical Vodavi® Telenium™ IP: Enterprise-Class VoIP with Multi-Site Networking, Mobility and Video Options

Presence Management LLC was created following the appointment by Vertical to manage their U.S. Distributor rights for LG-Nortel’s worldwide, award-winning iPECS Unified Communications Solution (currently marketed as Vertical Telenium IP). Presence Management will be responsible for U.S. pre- and post-sales support for the rapidly and increasingly popular iPECS product.

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It’s easy to take a look back and see how far business communications has evolved over the years. Technology has made it possible for us to become increasingly mobile, allowing us to respond to customer needs in new and ever-changing ways. With the Internet taking a firm hold of the marketplace, your customers may be a block away, across town, or across the Atlantic. In an increasingly virtual marketplace, the playing field has transformed. The challenges you face become more complex but the tough questions remain the same:

  • Will you be there when the customer calls?
  • Will you make the best impression?
  • Will you increase revenues?

The Vodavi Telenium IP communications system acts like your traditional phone system but it hardly looks like one. No more telecom room full of big box equipment and punch down blocks (that colored wire spaghetti). The hardware that drives Vodavi Telenium IP looks like network gear, because it is network gear. Your IT personnel or consultant will immediately appreciate the simplicity of this system with its Web-based administration tools and distributed architecture. This means you can train your own support staff to take care of the simple tasks, like relocating a phone, and rely on your Vodavi Telenium IP Certified Dealer to help you apply this versatile technology to help grow your business.

  • Could your business revenues grow or could customer loyalty increase through greater presence?
  • Do you have sales associates that spend a majority of their time in the field?
  • Would it be beneficial for some or all of your employees to have access to phone system features while away from headquarters?
  • Would you like to reduce or eliminate long distance charges between offices?
  • Are you moving into a new building?
  • Do you have a data network?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you should consider Vodavi Telenium IP as your next generation communications system.

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The Technology

The IPECS Platform is a scalable telephony solution for organisations between 5 and 500 users which combines years of telephony experience from LG Electronics and Nortel Networks as LG-Ericsson’s flagship product. IPECS has been developed to be a unique solution for your organisation’s telephony needs at a fraction of the cost of similar systems, allowing you to benefit fully from technological developments within your budget.

Call Servers

At the heart of the IPECS platform is the IPECS Call Server. This highly reliable, purpose built Call Server is the core telephony controller and also maintains communications between end-points and Gateways.



Gateways are an interface to an array of resources inculding analogue, digital and IP trunks (external lines) and extensions (phones) and also expand the functionality of the central Call Server to enhance its capabilities.



The telephone is your main point of contact with the IPECS as with all telephone systems, but the IPECS extends its support for various types of telephone (or ‘terminal’) to include WiFi based phones, PC Based Softphones and standardised ‘SIP’ telephones.


Application Interfaces

The IPECS is capable of integrating with your computer systems using the international TAPI standard as well as offering its own Application Interface Messaging (AIM) which extends the range of IPECS features software can access.