Integrated “in-the-box” networking solution supporting distributed multi-site Wave IP locations.WaveNet descriptive image

Multi-site Networking

WaveNet aggregates multiple locations into a single telephone system, combining users from various locations to present a single network wide extension list and dial plan. Employees everywhere can reach each other through seamless intercom dialing, view presence and personal status (via phone or ViewPoint) and seamlessly exchange voice mails without the need to remember location or complicated dialing codes.  WaveNet seamlessly connects multiple Wave IP sites via IP and SIP to provide a “Unified Phone System” offering:

  • Unified Dial Plan
  • Simplified Administration
  • Phone Feature Transparency (DSS/BLF, transfer, conference etc across nodes)
  • Voice Mail Networking
  • Automatic route management
  • Fault tolerance
  • Seamless ViewPoint Operation

Unified dial plan: seamless ViewPoint operation

In WaveNet each site is aware of users at other sites, meaning that remote users simply appear as local users in the award-winning ViewPoint application and therefore direct extension dialing exists across the network. Local users and the Auto Attendant can seamlessly transfer calls to remote users, and voicemail can be sent, forwarded and replied too. Customers can simply contact employees via Dial-By-Name directory irrespective of employee location.

Simplified administration

WaveNet dramatically simplifies administration by eliminating repetitive manual tasks. Adding a node or changing a user on the network only takes a few clicks as WaveNet automatically handles the configuration, dial plan synchronization, inter-site call routing and ongoing management tasks to keep all systems synchronized. Depending on system configuration and site preferences, WaveNet can route enterprise calls using either SIP over a VoIP network or traditional PSTN via PRI or Analog for maximum flexibility.

Fault tolerance

WaveNet uses a peer-to-peer architecture to eliminate any single points of failure – this enables offices to continue to function even if intra-office networks are interrupted, or if an individual location loses power. Robust error recovery mechanisms built into WaveNet ensures that information such as voicemail, presence status etc are automatically synchronized when network connectivity is reestablished.

Aggregate multiple locations into a single telephone system
Manage everything from one place
Manage all your instance of Wave IP centrally – saving you time and money